Inside Job
Ula Lucińska &
Michał Knychaus

Beneath the beach, seamless paving stones

Beneath the beach, seamless paving stones exhibition was realized by the curatorial project Rhizome Parking Garage of Ian Bruner & Noah Travis Phillips as a part of The Wrong Biennale 2019.

List of works:
Too far gone, oak wood, aluminum, steel, found objects, 2019
Growl (template), resin, 2019

Beneath the beach, seamless paving stones is an exhibition presenting documentation of works installed in underground garages all over the world. Referring to the concept of non-places and the rhizome structure of unified parking lots, the curators recall the alleged occult provenance of global capitalism. Too Far Gone depicts three demonic faces, grown together and milled in oak wood, attached to a toy car chassis. The triple face is its own doppleganger - timeless stranger, who, similarly to the space of parking lots, has lost his individuality. The vehicle is ready to set off and patrol the labyrinth of infinite underground corridors. Unable to find a way out, it loops into its destinationless journey. The possibility of remote control poses a question about the identity of the driver and the place from which the radio signal arrives.
Growl (template), have been installed inside a car from the 80s - a forgotten artifact that may never be able to reach the surface again.

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Rhizome Parking Garage / The Wrong Biennale

exhibition view:
Beneath the beach, seamless paving stones, 2019
different locations