Inside Job
Ula Lucińska &
Michał Knychaus


Autonomy Congress

performative event, lectures and seminars, 2017

Participants: Inside Job, Andrzej Pakuła, Daniel Koniusz, Urszula Wysocka, Aleksandra Kołodziej, Kasia Chrobak, Jędrzej Filuś, Mikołaj Ludwik, Jarosław Danilenko, Mathias Ringgenberg, ICON, Michał Podsiadło, Jędrzej Malko, Filip Geburczyk, RecOut

Autonomy is an artistic intervention which combines activities in the public and virtual zone, based around original artistic realisations in the field of video art, performance, installations and photography, as well
as an open lectures and seminars. The project was finalized in the form of a three-day Autonomy Congress which took place in Poznań between 30.06-02.07.2017.

Within the project, Inside Job wished to create in the form of a broadly understood artistic activity - a complete narrative of a new, imagined community wich shall constitute a starting point for expanding
the debate on alternative visions and forecasts concerning the world’s future. At a time of global changes, related to digital revolution, climate change and the increasingly significant role of artificial intelligence, considering
the shape of the future world should be a fundamental issue.
Inside Job, together with other participants and artists worked on the main concept and Autonomy Congress program.

exhibition view:
Autonomy Congress, Arsenal - City Gallery of Poznań, Poland, 2017
curator: Andrzej Pakuła
producers: Korporacja Teatralna