Inside Job
Ula Lucińska &
Michał Knychaus


Explorations (ongoing)

in collaboration with various artists.
Exploration #1 with Maya Hottarek.

Explorations focus on discovering uncertain locations for the presentation and photo documentation of artworks. These activities reflect the specificity of chosen sites, where places are perceived not only as physical geographical locations but rather as complex socio-political constructions of fluid and highly discursive character. Through the realization of these subtle interventions, the priority of the artwork and its importance is subversed - and what is usually treated as the background becomes included in the process of creating meanings.
By engaging in a dialogue with organic or inorganic structures, the installed works enter into temporary relations with the existing environments. By means of documentation and its distribution, the virtual territory becomes
a proposal for a hybrid landscape that is difficult to locate.

So far, exploratory expeditions have covered: Taubenloch Gorge in Biel/Bienne,
Ice Cave in Jura Mountains in Switzerland and Meteorite Park in Poznań, Poland.

installation views:
Exploration #1, 2019
Jura caves, Taubenloch canyon, Switzerland
photos: Joelle Neuenschwander and Inside Job