Inside Job
Ula Lucińska &
Michał Knychaus


Enter the Heat

by Inside Job & Maya Hottarek

series of objects,
ceramics, stones, steel, aluminum, pvc, linen, audio, colored gels, garments, found objects, 2019

The globe continued to bake in 2018, and still more warming is predicted. Accompanying this heat is the vigorous flux of the trembling particles. How can we persist as cool, while everything around is shaking,
shivering and jiggling? Is it this movement that keeps us together, or is it just extending the distance?
It may be that the transformation we bring on a daily basis is a catastrophe we needed to recover.

The "Wacky Races" through the abandoned landscapes of this apocalypse-now contemporaneity,
have started long ago. Spontaneously established bounds revealed an organic combination of threads that lead us to this project. By provoking the "super community" brainstorming that occurred during the show,
(and apparently is happening all-around), we tried to underline the potential of hypothetically dead artistic objects and inspire the collective thinking processes. The seemingly stable exposition, was divided into 3 days, revealing the impression towards the "roasted" unknown future.

In this context the story of Gurzelen appeared.

The Gurzelen Stadium in Biel acts as a parallel territory where alternative ideas might grow and develop into new relationships with the surrounding environment. The community of people, working within the Stadium concept, have transformed the hypothetically "dead zone" into a vivid cultural space. The Gurzelen Residency invites international cultural activists to contribute with their concepts and work for the future vision of the space itself. From October 2018 to March 2019 the Stadium hosted Inside Job (Ula Lucińska and Michał Knychaus)
as a guest artists. They worked in collaboration with and under the curatorial auspices of Maya Hottarek.

Maya Hottarek (1990) is a visual artist living and working in Biel, and is Co-founder
of the Gurzelen-Residency program.
Enter the Heat was curated by Yvonne Lanz from Sattelkammer, Bern.

exhibition view:

Inside Job and Maya Hottarek, Enter the Heat, 2019
Sattlekammer, Bern, Switzerland
photos: Samuel Rauber