Inside Job
Ula Lucińska &
Michał Knychaus

It will shift again (molting stage)

series of objects
glass, steel, aluminum, latex, wild rose branches, linen, colored led lights, found
objects, 2019

The arrangement of objects brings to mind a specific form of environment, which spreads within the historical walls of the former District Railway/Jewish Hospital in Wrocław. Each of the forms can be treated independently but only when observed together they form a visible system of corelations. Individual elements seep into the architectural structure, simulating its growth or decomposition.
The shapes refer to organic forms, which have been growing steadily and systematically emphasizing long-term processes. On one hand objects can be read as parasitic forms on the existing tissue, on the other hand they have the character of a symbiotic relationship. Thus, it seems that noticeable, accumulated elements on walls or ceilings constitute only a part of the structure, which spreads much deeper and remains invisible.

exhibition view:
17th Survival Art Review, 2019
Former District Railway/Jewish Hospital, Wrocław, Poland
photos: Mariusz Maślanka