Inside Job
Ula Lucińska &
Michał Knychaus


Overly sexy, smart, edgy and dangerous

series of objects,
smoke, aluminum, cooper, pvc, linen, audio & video, 2018

„…there was something sculpted about the creature—if one can imagine a sculpture done in chromed spikes, razor wire, blades, thorns, and smooth metal carapace. It was large—more than a meter taller than I,
and I am not short”.

The above quotation describes Shrike - an avatar from Dan Simmons' books, sent from the future by the Absolute Artificial Intelligence. As it turned out later there were several Shrikes and each one was programmed by a different group representing the same complex and chaotic conflict between the unimaginable forces.
In a similar way, players - telepresent in countless virtual arenas - compete with each other. Dressed in digital armours allowing them to break the laws of physics, they travel through space-time at the speed of fiber optic cables. They hide their personalities under the mask of colourful and respectable avatars.
Some of them are innocent, others are sexy and others are repulsive or completely abstract. During the most hot moments of fight, they throw messages that can convey true political meaning.
Enemy is an enemy - whether it's a man, an alien or a demon. Every piece of equipment is an advanced product dream. Every smallest blade can be personalised and improved.

A series of objects prepared for the exhibition Overly sexy, smart, edgy and dangerous builds a specific image
of an abandoned battlefield. Hanging on frayed clothes, the blades seem to be a fantasy about a conflict that could happen in some distant world - or on another planet. It's hard to recognize the time in which this fight could take place, or even imagine the physiognomy of the fighters.

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RAW SILVER - Haze Anthology (Mix)

exhibition view:

Ula Lucińska, Michał Knychaus, Overly sexy, smart, edgy and dangerous, 2018
Gallery DriveDrive, Nicosia, Cyprus
photos: Panayiotis Mina