Inside Job
Ula Lucińska &
Michał Knychaus


Roses: Sky is the limit. Just keep pressin on

installation, CD album
gelled lighting, fashion garments and barbed wire, 2018

After crossing the road and overcoming certain difficulties, change takes place. The one who
succeeds in entering any of the dreamed lands is no longer a "mere mortal".
One has achieved success, which is shared by only the few.

This race has its risks. Hypnotised by light and stunned by luring sounds, we do not see a liminal
zone - a route full of sunken ships. Above our gaze is the land of uncanny. What escapes our
senses is a battlefield that wrecks in front of it. Shoelaces hanging on high voltage wires - a sign
of a gang wars; frozen remains of equipment on the Himalayan trails; fragments of graffiti writers
clothing rubbing through the metro fences are just a few examples of mapping this ephemeral

Sky is the limit. just keep pressin on takes from the lyrics of Notoriuos B.I.G, who at the height
of his career was shot dead by his enemies. Symbolic "watchdogs" effectively guard the transparent
border between real and imagined life. We can look, we can even project our presence on the
other side... but then we have to sneak through. The new mythology of contemporaneity,
fashionable fetishes that can help us in this journey, are used to reflect the dangerous face of the
basilisk. Even if he dies, we must be aware of his deceptive whispers.

The steel barbed wire stretched under the ceiling separates the exhibition space into two spheres.
The clothes hanging on it, covered with original graphics and embroideries, weigh above the heads, disturbing the sense of comfort typical for the reception of objects situated at the sight level. The cold blue light penetrating the room refers to the sphere of supernatural phenomena. Its colour, which is close to the ultraviolet spectrum, has an impact on perception and, in the event of prolonged contact, on the functioning of the human body.
The danger of an unknown journey resonates in the soundtrack accompanying the exposure.
Sky is the limit. Just keep pressin on induces ideals of functioning, transformation and reconstruction in relation to the archetypical wandering, which leads to an unattainable and often unusual goal.

Images document the residual marks of the „Roses” EP launch produced by Inside Job and hosted by Hot Wheels Projects. The inaugural album created in the form of limited CD’s will be followed by the additional release of 7’ vinyl single. All recordings and masterings were produced between Athens, Greece and Poznań, Poland. Its contributors vary widely in field and location, including: Asbo Airlines, CONSP, DarkNetHost, Hawaje, Daniel Koniusz, Stachu Szumski, UltraRareSabra, Matipies, Wszystko.

Inside Job artists are producing and releasing within the independent DIY record label “Richard Harris”.
The label exists across genres; experimental/alternative/ trash/ignorant/effortlessrap/trap/electronic/post goth/genre rejecting.

*Parts of the description were taken from "Roses EP" curatorial note by Hugo Wheeler

full description @Hot Wheels Projects

Roses EP

exhibition view:
Ula Lucińska, Michał Knychaus: Roses EP Launch, 2018
Hot Wheels Projects, Athens, Greece
curators: Julia Gardener and Hugo Wheeler
photos: Felix Pötzsch