Inside Job
Ula Lucińska &
Michał Knychaus


Artistic Statement:

The practice of working together has led us to create an Inside Job duo. Mashing up different backgrounds
and personal skills seems to us as an essential attribute of our projects. Working as a duo emphasizes the needs of collective aspects of contemporary artistic practices, which we think, should be focused on cooperation.
We find working as a collective as a counter value to the structures of promoting only individuals.
Cooperation stands against overwhelming deadly race of contemporaneity.
In the same time, it also reflects the strategies incorporated by the group subjects of modern,
digitally oriented world.

We often collaborate with the specialists from various fields of interests – temporary Inside Job “nodes”.
The name we have adopted reflects the subversive character of the discourses we deal with.
Our artistic practice is based on carrying out interdisciplinary projects using whole variety of mediums and materials. We believe that medium reflects the message which is primarily in the artistic creation.
The constant quest of searching for an adequate means of expression inspires our researching process and provokes to build multilayered narrations.

Many of our to-date realizations take form of immersive, multilayered environments referring to futuristic and post-catastrophic scenarios. We focus on the processes of creating new identity which emerges when cut-off from the domesticated cultural contexts, on the unknown visual territories and in the space of the changing language. We believe, we can merely consume the reality, which is speeding up at a rate no-one can keep up with. Despite ostensible movements, we remain passive and helpless when faced with increasingly complex and overwhelming system. Deterritorialization, exploitation, information collapse, fear and the chance of rapid development, new authoritarianism, machine learning, algorithmization of behaviours, meme-politics, post-truth, supervision and mechanisms of power, are only the few examples. Difficulties in self-identification in the times
of liquid tech-contemporaneity make long-term social planning and thus effective resistance a hard task.

Despite this, we believe in art as an adequate platform of communication between people living in a hybrid,
post-digital world. Art as a platform of counter actions. Art as an Inside Job.