Inside Job
Ula Lucińska &
Michał Knychaus


Watch my back!

motorcycle helmets, aluminum, steel chain, construction accessories, 2018

The work comprises two motorcycle helmets interacting with each other. One of them was found by the artists, the other obtained through the OLX website. Each was modified which made them customised, personal objects. The visors were made of laser-cut aluminium which was later manually finished and polished.
The helmet’s coating is the effect of the papier-mâché technique - the collage was made out of scraps from
the artists’ private collection of archival issues of: Metal Hammer, Kawaii and Secret Service magazines.
The title refers to classical movie situation, where two protagonists, while preparing to fend off the final attack, stand back to back to defend against the enemies.

* Description taken from "What Happened Once, Stays Forever" curatorial essay by Magdalena Adameczek

exhibition view:
What Happened Once, Stays Forever, 2018
Gallery SKALA, Poznań, Poland
curator: Magdalena Adameczek
photos: Tomasz Koszewnik